Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Big day in the North

Since I last blogged about Sucioperro live action, I have been fortunate enough to watch them twice more. Once at Manchester Academy and once at The Leadmill in Sheffield. On both occasions they provided outstanding support to Nine Black Alps. Now I'm going to be honest, although Nine Black Alps were the headlining acts at these venues, my reasons for going were Sucio shaped. I enjoyed Nine Black Alps but for me, Sucio were the kings of the stage. They were the headlining act from my perspective and I'm sure my friend Sam would agree with me on this. Sam and I crashed at my house for the Manchester gig and hers for the Sheffield one. I’m pleased to report that Sam's house provided the most comfortable sofa in Yorkshire - and I've a tried a few, actually I haven't but anyway.

Lovely Sucio played for around half an hour at both venues. I believe that it should have been much longer. For the first attendance at Manchester, they played songs from their current album, Pain Agency. At the second attendance in Sheffield, we were pleased to hear something of a different set - songs from Random Acts of Intimacy, Pain Agency and three songs from Sucio's new EP. I was happy to hear Dirty Dirty, Sick Sick and I’m always excited by The Dissident Code. Blonde Parade would have been fab and not because of my hair colour but because it’s my favourite song on the new EP but you cant have everything. That bass - yay for Spider (Sucio's fantastic bass player)!

Manchester Academy is a good venue. Academy 3, the location for Sucio fun, is small enough yet big enough to feel like a venue whilst still retaining a sense of intimacy. We stood at the front for Sucioperro, we nodded, moved and sang to all the songs. We stood at the back for Nine Black Alps but watched their set with interest. Post-gig action consisted of meeting my b/f Mark and his mates at a bar. His mates were rather drunk, so that was interesting to watch. I don’t how he copes with drunken friends whilst retaining perpetual sobriety. They went to see The Bad Lieutenant, which, I’m told was very good. The quote of the evening was “it’s a good day in the North”, allegedly a line from a Black Grape track. Upon checking trusty Google, the quote should be “it's your big day in the north” but hey-ho. It was both a good and big day in the North – Sucioperro played and they played beautifully.

Moving further North to the second instalment on the Nine Black Alps / Sucioperro tour we arrive at The Leadmill. I've enjoyed many an indie / rock / alternative disco within its walls but amazingly Sucio / Nine Black Alps were my first gig experience there. It wasn’t a full as it should have been and the post-gig fun that was promised on the tickets didn’t take place. In truth I would have been too tired to do much dancing anyway. Old age must be taking hold of me! Of the two gigs, I feel Sucioperro were moderately better at The Leadmill, percentage-wise, we are talking small figures though. They were fab at both venues. Nine Black Alps, on the other hand, were better at The Academy. It was nice to meet Sam’s friend Darren of Kill Chaos fame. We stood at the front for our second instalment and we positioned ourselves nicely in front of Fergus (Sucio’s marvellous drummer). We noticed a couple of female Dragon fans just in front of us – they started sort of centre-front of stage and gradually moved nearer and nearer to JP Reid on stage right (audience perspective). They took a video of the entire gig with brief movement over Spider and Fergus, arriving at JP Reid aka Dragon and staying there for remainder of the gig. Whenever Sam and I glanced at the girls in question, they were resolutely videoing him. The camera holder must have acquired major hand-ache during the process and it must have been like watching an audience with a Dragon rather than enjoying a Sucioperro gig but as long as they enjoyed themselves, it’s all good I guess. After some coat locating drama, we left The Leadmill, secure in knowledge that we’d had fun.

So that’s it for live Sucio interaction this year. I’ve been to five Sucio gigs since April and sadly my limited funds won’t stretch to any more unless my b/f and I get an invite from friends in Glasgow and we decide to take in King Tuts. Hmm, food for thought…...

Love to all,



  1. Oh dear that was me and my sister!
    We do actually have some vidoes of Fergus and Stewart, maybe we'll have to redress the balance next time. Though the 2 guys standing right in front of JP probably got even more videos of him than we did!

  2. Oh eck. I guess it was just a perspective and I might have just noticed at the wrong moments. He is an amazing guitarist, singer and of course song-writer - so its understandable to focus on Drags, even if you were. They are just such a good band. My favourite, alongside Biffy and The Duke. I was loving Spide's bass playing - he gets SO into it too. Hope you enjoyed the gig. We def did. Take care, xx


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