Sunday, 4 October 2009

Help needed!

Mark aka Shotokan Disco is trying to gain access to his son through the courts. Sadly this is proving extremely costly for him. Furthermore, his ex partner is putting much effort into preventing him from seeing his child. If you have ever found yourself in a similar situation, you will know that sometimes people will put barriers between the male parent and child without just cause. The more barriers are created, the longer the court proceedings last, the more solicitors make (great for the solicitors) but not so great for the parent who wants to spend unsupervised time with his child. Children need to spend time with both parents where that is possible.

So here is the helped needed part……alongside his musical abilities, Mark is skilled in the ways of IT and Web Technology. If you need a website please visit Mark’s blog. He is also skilled in the ways of PC build, upgrade etc. If nothing else, visit his blog and it will give you the opportunity to hear his tracks. You may want to buy some at the tiny cost of 60+ MP3s for £5 only or 50 pence each.

Love and peace,


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