Saturday, 8 April 2017


When I spot the signals, I rather hope they'll appear in Gandalf mode - interesting shapes formed from pipe weed. What I'm saying is metaphorical. I'd like a potential romantic someone to send me a clear sign. One that's impossible to miss. I'm not requesting a wisened old Wizard who puffs da 'erb.  I like a beard. Bit of grey within is cool. But a really long beard, fully greyed and attached to a man of indeterminate age, does not maketh my boat float.

I digressed a little for a moment there. I know, I know, so unlike me. Ahem.  In short, I've had enough mixed signals to last me lifetime. Send me a sign created with clarity. The kind I can comprehend from a distance. Also, Seranade me with the songs of Snowmine. I ask but I don't believe I ask for much.

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