Sunday, 19 June 2016


Sometimes it feels like the world is filled with hate. There have been many tragic losses in the past few days. We are in the midst of the biggest humanitarian crisis since the second world war.

Hate is the language of many groups from BNP to ISIS to the outspoken lunacy of politicians like Trump.

It's hard to see the kindness. It's near on impossible to see solidarity. Yet it does exist. It's just that media promote upsetting news. So we think the world is filled with hate. We think we have to cling what we know and hide from anything unfamiliar.

As human beings, what we actually need to do is open our hearts. We need see that most people are have more in common with us than we realise. It is our commonalities that we must recognise. We must not let fear turn to hate because hate will not protect us. Only love can do that. Kindness, humility, compassion are the tools which will make the world a better place.

Love and kindness can become the norm, the cornerstone of human behaviour. We just have to embrace it.


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