Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines: surrender and release

I wrote the blog post below back in 2009.  My life is dramatically different now.  Yet one factor remains, I still find it difficult to let things go. Or, as the blog post title calls it - to surrender and release.  Given that I still struggle, years later, this rather begs the question - how does one let go of something you have a vested interest in?  And why is it so difficult to let go.  The answer to the second question lies in the first.  It's difficult because whatever the issue is, it matters to you.  When something matters, it tends to take centre stage your mind. Thus it is very difficult to let it go.  The first question, how does one let things go, is rather more difficult to answer.

The follow little tips will help:
1. Focus on something else, anything else.  It really doesn't matter what - the trick is to pull your mind to other thoughts.  Once you have done that, and continue to do that, the issue has less power over you and you begin to let it go.
2. Imagine the issue, whatever it may be, floating away like a kite.  The success of this depends on how visual you are as a person. 
3. Tell someone how you feel.  By passing the feelings on, you effectively them go
4. Write your feelings down.  This works in a similar way to telling someone how you feel. 
5. Remind yourself of how fabulous you are.  This isn't conceited, it's about valuing the person that you are.
6. If the thing of focus is pain someone has caused you then mentally forgive the person. You don't have to forgive the action, just the person.  It doesn't let them off the hook, it lets you off the hook.  In other words, forgiveness brings peace.
7. Engage in physical activity. Don't just carry the activity within your body, actually embody it.  Get lost in the exercise.
8. Listen to music.  Actively listen.  Allow the music to wash over you.  When other thoughts pop in, gently let them go.  This is the same as being mindful.
9.  Be mindful.  Engage in meditation.  Focus on your breath and keep repeating the process until you feel more at peace.
10.  Get lost in someone else's story.  Ideally read a book or listen to a play but watching an engaging film would also work.  It's about focusing your thoughts on the story, the dialogue, the scenery and so on.

Repeat some or all of the above until the issue has floated away.  It takes practice and time.  Like I said back in 2009, it's still work in progress for me.  Quite probably, it always will be.

Peace, love and valentines blessings

The Renegade Glitter Fairy


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