Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lip service?

One wonders if some people just pay lip service to things they think you like just to get a ticket to ride.  One wonders if some people are mostly filled with bullshit.  I would say that it's disappointing but it isn't.  Because that would imply lack of expectation.  There is expectation aplenty here.  To all those who pretend in order to get what they want - the only person you are lying to is yourself.  Falsehoods create bad karma.  If you can't be kind, at least be real.

I tend to be kind.  I tend to be real.  I tend to see the good in people.  I'll try to hold onto all that in the midst of any shit tide that happens to come my way.  Most of all, I shall remember that shit tides are temporal disturbances to the beautiful ocean of life.  Whilst shit tides try and fail to pull me down, I shall crank up the volume on Arcane Roots and swim forwards with determination.



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