Monday, 18 May 2015

A plaster obsession

My daughter has a bit of an obsession with plasters.  She wants a plaster for all minor and non-existent injuries.  Apparently plasters are actually magic.  They can heal all wounds - real and unreal.  With this in mind and because I'm obsessed with lyrics, if she says "I hurt myself" but it's pretty clear that she hasn't.  I respond by singing a line of Johnny Cash's Hurt to her.  It goes a little something like this:

Daughter: *no evidence of accident, proffering invisible wound*  "I hurt myself......"
Mummy: *musically*  ", to see if I still feel".
Daughter: *looks ambivalent, goes off to do something else*.
Mummy: *looks 'comedic', goes off to find plasters*.

PS. Daughter is wrapping a sticker around her thumb as I type.  It's not a sticker mummy, it's a plaster.  The obsession continues.........

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