Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Damn hawt

I recently received a message from someone who began said message with the word 'damn'.  In fact, the message came in two parts.  So initially I just received the word 'damn'.  I thought, yikes, a message that starts with a damn, this cannot be good.  Then I got the message "you're so hawt".  For some time I stared at the words.  I recognised the first two, 'you're' and 'so'.  The word 'hawt' was a major stumbling block for me.  It sounded like it probably wasn't a good word.  Never-the-less, I asked my admirer what it meant.  Impatient as I am, in the meantime, I consulted Google.  Happily the urban dictionary enlightened me.  My knowledge of street talk is rather limited.  This likely has something to do with my age.  Apparently, hawt means hot.  And hot means very attractive.  (Obviously I am familiar with the word hot in its' sexual guise). 

Thus I recently received a message which said, for the purposes of the lesser street enlightened few "Goodness, you're very attractive".

On balance, I think I rather like the urban version. 

Nb. I'm happy to receive messages from admirers who wish to bestow an array of complimentary words upon me. Street or otherwise.


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