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We have just moved to Cheshire and recently got engaged. We are currently in the early stages of arranging our wedding. We would really like to hold the reception at our home and want to make the arrangements as ethical and eco-friendly as we possibly can.

As such, if anyone can help us by giving us the following items, that would be really fab:

White tablecloths / sheets / material - any type of white material really so that we can cover the ceiling in our garage with hanging material. Any type is fine but velvet or cotton would be really great. We will also use material as makeshift table cloths.

Carpet - we want to put a carpet down on our garage floor for the wedding celebration but will continue to use the carpet in there after the big day. In general we are not fussy about the type but ideally plain carpet rather than patterned. Doesn't matter too much about the condition because we will clean it and place chairs in strategic places but obviously it's for our wedding day so we don't anything too stained and tired.

Patio furniture - if you have been lucky enough to replace your old patio furniture with new items then we would love to have your old stuff. If you have white patio furniture that would even better but we really don't mind.

Biodegradable confetti - a big ask perahaps and we have bought some of this already but if you have any rice paper, dried rose petals or any other type of biodegradable confetti that would be really fab.

Old ribbon - ideally in blue or white but any colour considered - we will plan our colour scheme around what people are able to give us

Citronella candles - if you have some that you don't need then we would be happy to give them a new home

Gazebo - this is rather a big ask really but if anyone had a white gazebo or erm 3 that would be really great. Alternatively any colour and we will decorate accordingly.

White or blue silk flowers - We are thinking of decorating the house with white / blue silk flowers. They don't actually have to be silk but I think that's what they are known as. Basically flowers made of material. Ideally white or blue but again we will plan our colour scheme around what people are able to give us.

Beads - if you have any beads, old necklaces or other beaded jewellrey that you don't want we would love to have them. We will make wedding decorations with them.

Fold up or old decorating tables - if you have any, that would be reallty great. We will cover them with material for our wedding. We will use them for storage in the garage afterwards.

Solar lights - again rather a big ask but if anyone has decorative solar light that are working but not needed, we would give them a good home. Either the little fairy light type or individual lamps which can be placed in a garden.
Recycled printing paper - if anyone has a surplus stock of recycled paper that they can spare, that would be fab. We intend to put up notices and messages around the house and want to print these on recycled paper.

Plastic wine / champagne glasses - if you have any of those plastic glasses that are shaped like wine glasses or other drinks glasses made from plastic, we would love to have them. We don't want to use glass because of breakages but don't really want to use plastic beakers either. We will keep them and reuse after the wedding day. If we are fortunate to end up with lots then we will give them away on Freecycle after the wedding.

Any other items that you no longer need and that you feel will help us, we will gratefully consider. We are open to ideas and suggestions.

We really want our wedding to be an enjoyable day that leaves a very small carbon footprint. If we could have a day that was carbon neutral that would be even better.

Hope you can help.

Obviously for ethical reasons, if you live many miles away from Cheshire then we would not be able to collect offered items. If you live nearby and can help, then please get in touch with me or Mark.

hazel@metronet.co.uk or markanthonydixon@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading,

Hazel and Mark

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