Saturday, 28 August 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that there websites that are entirely dedicated to eco-touring, hotels, campsites etc? You can be an eco-tourist. The eco-honeymoon will happen in a big way. So far I really want to stay somewhere called The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth. It looks fab and has a really sound ethical framework. They really seem to take green hotelling seriously - solar panels, organic, sustainable, low energy tv's, low energy lighting etc. I was impressed. It's expensive though so if we are lucky enough to go then we will just stay a few days before heading on somewhere else. Currently some kind of train orientated tour through nearby parts of Europe. Self-catering will be the mainstay for the honeymoon remainder. France have quite a few ethical self-catering places to stay. I fancy Italy but haven't spotted anywhere eco-wise yet. Mark keeps talking about Greece but it's a bit far away without a plane I think.

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