Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Music war

I've commented previously that hearing teenagers playing their music in public places, without the use of their headsets is rather annoying. More often that not, their music choice makes it even more unpleasant. So recently I decided to take action. Just a small but most enjoyable moment of anarchy.

I was awaiting a bus, a long delayed bus and I shared the bus stop with four teenagers. One guy and three girls. They laughed and screamed their way through the wait. I sighed and grumped my way through the wait. After a while, they decided to share their music with me and by that I don't mean that they wandered over and said "excuse me older person but would you care to listen to some of my music collection". No, sadly, they just cranked up the volume on their mobile phone / ipod / whatever music playing device. I felt like saying "do you have a headset, they usually come as standard with these devices". I didn't say it, just thought it. I internally sighed and willed the bus to arrive instead. At one stage, the male teenage type exclaimed (after he had selected a new track) "this one is moderately more upbeat". Moderately more upbeat? Impressive use of language for a youngster. Anyway, I digress, back to the anarchy..... I reached a point where I thought, sod this, I really can't be bothered with their crappy music choices. I retrieved my mobile phone from my handbag, selected a track by the soon to be rock legends Sucioperro, turned up the volume and pressed play. Did I use my headset, I did not. Did I play the track on loudspeaker to the contents of the bus stop, I did. The male version of a teenager looked at me in surprise. I could imagine his thoughts "who is this strange old person and what is that delightful tune she is playing". Shortly after my outburst the bus arrived. I switched the track off and boarded.

WE HAVE TO STRIKE BACK AGAINST THESE PEOPLE (just as long as we strike back without upsetting other more polite members of the population).


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  1. I like this, oh wait I wrote it erm can I say that I like it? Sod it, I like this.


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