Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A little story

Once upon time there was a beautiful fairy princess called Glitter Fairy. She lived in a large oak tree, deep in the Emerald Forrest. As you might expect, Glitter Fairy’s oak tree home was magical. Her tree was quite large from the outside but once the magic door was opened, the inside of her tree was gigantic. Glitter Fairy’s winding staircase lead to 10 large rooms, all beautifully festooned with ethical glitz and glamour. Glitter Fairy loved her home and she loved the Emerald Forest.

Each day Glitter Fairy would go out into the forest and weave her ethical magic. She would heal wounded flowers, offer a friendly ear to unhappy animals and spread love wherever she went. Life was wonderful for Glitter Fairy but she longed for someone to share her days with. She wished she would meet a partner that would share he love of the Emerald Forrest. Glitter Fairy could weave all kinds of magic to help others but she could not bring romantic love to her.

One day, as Glitter Fairy was out on one of her afternoon strolls, she saw a young, handsome pixie. She had never seen him before but he somehow felt familiar. He was tall, dark and had penetrating brown eyes. As she passed him, their eyes met and they shared a smile but they did not speak to each other. Many weeks passed and from time to time, Glitter Fairy would see this pixie. Each time they would smile at each other but still no conversation took place. Glitter Fairy started to think about him every day. Each time that she went into the Forrest, she hoped she would see him and when she didn’t, she was very disappointed.

Glitter Fairy decided that she must speak to this pixie, even though she was shy and very worried that he wouldn’t like her, she decided to take the plunge. She dressed in her best sparkley outfit, waved her magic wand over hair, wore her best fairy makeup and went out into the Forrest to speak to him. Fortunately he was there, planting vegetables. Glitter Fairy bravely walked towards him. He looked up and smiled, she smiled back and said “hi, I was wondering if you would like to come for tea at my home?”. He said “that sounds perfect, I’ve wanting to speak to you for a while but couldn’t build up the courage, my name is Pixie Willow, what’s yours?”. She said “it’s Glitter Fairy”. He smiled, put his tools into his toolbox and held out his hand towards her, she took it and they walked together towards her home. After only a few weeks of taking tea together and walking in the Emerald Forrest, they fell in love. Glitter Fairy had found her pixie prince! He was everything she hoped he would be – kind, loving, passionate, romantic and environmentally aware. Glitter Fairy and Pixie Willow were married and went to live together in his Cloud Castle. They gave Glitter Fairy’s Oak Tree to the creatures of the Emerald Forrest.

Again as you might expect, Glitter Fairy and Pixie Willow lived happily ever after.

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