Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Stop Akmal Shaikh from being executed

Akmal Shaikh is facing imminent execution in China. Amnesty International reported that his execution has been scheduled for 29th December 2009.

Akmal, aged 53 and a father of five from North London, is believed to be mentally ill. He was sentenced to death for drug-smuggling on 29th October 2008 after an unfair trial.

Although he appears to have suffered for many years with mental instability and is likely to have bipolar disorder, the Chinese authorities have refused to allow him to be examined by a doctor. According to Article 18 of China's Criminal Law, a mental patient who commits a crime, and has not completely lost the ability to recognise or control his own conduct at the time, still has criminal responsibility but may be given a lighter punishment.

Please email Downing Street as a matter of urgency.

Amnesty International has more information on this.

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