Friday, 18 December 2009

Foray into Scotland

We started with an unnecessary bus journey, the first of a few faults during our foray into Scotland. Lovely Mark walked us to Bolton Bus Station, at the wrong side of 6am. Although, unless we are talking at least 4 hours after 6am, every side of 6am is wrong. Anyway, we waited for a bus in the cold northern air. Mark saw us safely onto said bus and took a photo of it as we left. (He has new camera excitement). Chorlton Street Coach Station, the home of National Express in Manchester, was located with ease. Upon checking the Information Board, we discovered with numbing horror, that our coach would take us to Bolton before journeying onwards towards Glasgow! So, we caught a bus to take us to Manchester and then boarded a coach that took us back from whence we came! Joyous.

It was a long coach journey. We enjoyed lots of conversation which meant that we didn't enjoy much sleep (and by god we needed some). Before moving on, I would like to mention my on coach toilet drama. Now, I try to avoid using toilets on coaches. There are many reasons for this, some of which, I won't get into (it's better that way). However, one of my reasons for coach toilet avoidance actually occurred during my delightful toilet visit. As I prepared to return my clothes to their preferred public display location, the coach began carrying out strange hand-break turn style maneuvers. Unusual for a coach on a vast expanse of straight motorway and extremely difficult to manage for a woman who was desperately trying to return her jeans and knickers to her bare arse. I clambered around a lot and hung onto the handrail for dear life. I left the toilet cubicle, fully clothed but rather flustered and extremely annoyed to discover that the coach had just pulled onto a Motorway Service Station! That explained the movement and yes, I could have used the toilets there. Genius. Some time after that debacle, we pulled onto Buccanan Street Coach Station and James, our host for a few Scottish clad days, was waiting for us. Plenty of weaving around and occasionally through happy Scottish shoppers, another bus ride and we landed in James' flat (I should point out that we disembarked and walked to James' flat, the bus, fortunately, didn't actually drive into the flat). There was some lengthy female getting ready processes, quick clothes change for James and rushed takeaway food consumption before we headed back, via bus, to the centre of Glasgow.

We entered the magical venue that is King Tuts and prepared, mostly through beer consumption, for Sucioperro to arrive on stage. Apart from catching up with James and experience of the venue that is King Tuts, Sucio were the reason for our visit to Glasgow. The supports at tuts were Make Sparks and Orko. We enjoyed both but Make Sparks erm sparkled. They were that good that I bought their EP at the Merch stand alongside Sucio's new EP (thanks Dave). (As an aside, I'm listening to Make Sparks as I type). I'm sure I speak for the audience at tuts when I say that Sucio were utterly marvelous. I've seen them play many times this year and I always enjoy it (hence the frequency with which I watch them) but tuts was far and above the best I've ever seen them play. Watching them amongst the home crowd provided a hefty helping of audience participation which included singalong, mosh pit, chanting and all the things that makes a gig an electric experience. For me, it was the best gig I've been to this year. We hung around for a short time after the gig to drink a little more, although tiredness and early starts the next day meant that we only managed one post-gig drink - lightweights.

We once again travelled to James' flat, this time via taxi - yay no buses! Tomorrow heralded our next installment in Sucio music fun, when we were scheduled to watch a free instore Sucio acoustic set at Avalanche Record Stores. Prior to this, James had to work, so we had to find our way into Glasgow without our trusty tour guide. However, impeccable directions and some geographical genius on the part of Sam and I meant that we found Avalanche without any difficulty. We hung around the shopping centre (how very American of us) and briefly met up with Sam's brother-in-law's brother (confusing) before entering Avalanche. Now Avalanche is small and that's probably part of it's charm but somehow we managed to squeeze into it, ready for the acoustic Sucio set. We waited whilst Sucio set up by erm sitting down with their guitars and the unplugged set began. Prior to the gig, I'd received exclusive (ahem) information that they would play The Ruins and they played it. I've never heard The Ruins live and it's one of my favourite songs. It was great to finally hear it. I really enjoyed a B side from their new single, a track called The Lonesome Tree. Great song. Sadly, James didn't make into Avalanche but we caught up with him afterwards. We chatted with Dave (aka Cyclops), Spider, Gus and JP and then wandered off to meet James in Waxys. Nice bar but not very cheap. After Waxys we visited another bar near to Avalanche (its name escapes me). Not sure that you'd describe it as nice but you would describe it as cheap. Alarmingly, you needed a key to access the ladies toilets. An actual key! I liked this pub though, even though it did smell slightly of wee.

This almost concludes my blog, however before I close, I would like to mention Matty Latty and Francoise Le Pooch. The first is a man that James used to work with, to be honest you really had to be there but much hilarity ensued around the antics of Matty Latty. He had a catchphrase and accompanying action that has, unbeknown to him, swept the nation. Francoise La Pooch is a ornamental dog owned by Dave / Clyclops. It's a dog that previously belonged to Robbie Burns! I may be wrong on this but suspect that Dave named him Francoise La Pooch. :-). Coincidently, I have a picture of Robbie Burns, taken when i saw him last, move down to see it.

In no particular order, some random pictures:

Stevie Wonder head movement and Les Dawson style piano playing. Nice

Toilet graffiti in King Tuts

Are you ready for you close-up James, judging by the surprised look, I'd say not

Sucio Avalanche instore. Spider where the heck are you?!

You look a tad grey Mr Burns, late night was it?

The drama, the atmosphere, have you done this before Sam? If you heard the tune created, you'd have to say no

He looks like an expert but appearances can be deceptive

Oh and....
Sucioperro Myspace
Make sparks Myspace
Orko Myspace


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