Thursday, 10 December 2009

Keyboard enthusiasm

I feel an uncontrollable desire to put fingers to keyboard, a metaphorical pen to virtual paper. I’m experiencing an Angela Lansbury moment, where words come, you type at speed, the words are flowing, spilling out of you like erm……..vomit. I’m probably more Daisy Steiner ala Spaced than Angela Lansbury ala Murder she wrote. I’m an aspiring but profoundly unsuccessful writer. I do feel very productive though. Not necessarily productive towards anything noteworthy but I shall note it down anyway, just in case.

Anyway, I sit and I type at my parents steam-driven PC. No Internet connection, so this blog will be saved, transferred to laptop, then uploaded into cyberspace at some later stage. My parent’s PC runs on a Windows 98 Operating System. It was cutting edge in its day but sadly its day has long gone. The keys stick slightly as I try to type, not because of some fizzy pop spilling incident but because keyboards were once much clunkier in days gone by. I still have to work out how I will save this word- processed blog. My parent’s PC has no USB drive, my lap-top doesn’t take floppies and it seems something of a waste to burn to CD. So this blog may remain forever stored on my parent’s antique PC and never find its way into the big, wide world that is the Internet.

It’s interesting that I mention both Daisy Steiner and the Angela that is Lansbury because they can be seen on numerous occasions typing away on over-sized typewriters. It’s interesting because this PC is not far removed from the typewriter. I say again, a Windows 98 Operating System! I’m not taking the piss out of my parents, it was exciting and expensive when they bought it and since then the trusty PC has moved way down on their list of entertainment priorities. Preferring instead, to read, do the crossword, listen to the radio, potter in the garden and enjoy ballroom dancing.

You may wonder at the point to this blog and you will be unsurprised to discover that there is none. No point, just the rambling thoughts of a blonde, 30 something (god I hate that term, why I have just used it) woman with failing eyesight and worrying obsession with mmmmm chocolate. I can feel another blog coming on and this one may actually have a point....

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