Sunday, 19 April 2009


I had the great pleasure of attempting to pole dance last night. No, not in some seedy bar, where money etc changes hands but in a gym. The pole dancing was part of my cousins hen do festivities. At the point of invitation I thought - hmmm, pole dancing that sounds like something I would be unable to do without falling on my head or other body part but amazingly I managed to leave the venue with all limbs intact and remarkably free of bruises. Picture the scene - 17 or so women, dressed as Pink Ladies (characters from the film Grease), drinking more than their fair share of wine trying to spin themselves around poles whilst wearing heels that for many would be impossible to walk in, never mind pole dance in. For myself - I approached the pole tentatively rather than flinging myself at it with reckless abandon (I discovered later than unless you fling yourself at it, it's very difficult to gain enough momentum to spin around the pole). As the evening drew on and wine took effect, I was a little more reckless. At one stage I even jumped onto the pole with a view to spin round and land on the floor (on purpose) then carry out some kind of allegedly erotic leg movement to position myself on the floor, face down. I managed the jump and even a half spin - the rest of it was a little unsuccessful. I did end up on the floor but rather more in a heap than in an attractive pose. By the end of the experience, everyone had improved. My cousin (who we are convinced had lessons beforehand) was something of a pole dancing queen and notwithstanding the movements than involve hanging upside down, could have given the instructor a run for money (quite literally, if we had been in a seedy bar). I did find it rather odd to be pole dancing to the Grease soundtrack but went with it. Did I get in touch with my sexy side - maybe slightly. Will I be pole dancing again - quite probably. Will I be doing it in front of men - not anytime soon!

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