Monday, 20 April 2009

The perils of procrastination

I'm writing about procrastination whilst procrastinating. I, like many people, am skilled in the ways of procrastination. I can almost guarantee that when I have to do something, when it's really important but isn't very interesting - I find a million other really important things to do. I would love to be the kind of person who thinks - I have something that I must do - it's not going to be fun so I'll get it over with. I'll strike when the irons hot. I break it down into bite-size pieces and get on with it. I'm the sort of person that thinks....I'll strike when the irons barely lukewarm and build it up into mountain sized chunks. I wonder why this is. Fear probably. Like standing at the bottom of the moutain and thinking - oooh that's looks a bit big, I'll stay at the bottom and have a pint instead. That's not to say that climbing a mountain isn't intersting or fun (it was chosen for analogy purposes only). The moderately crazy thing is that I'm writing a blog when I should be writing notes for University! So I'm in fact writing one thing when I should be writing another. This, you may say, doesnt make a great deal of sense. However, really it does and I'll explain why - writing a blog has no walls, no structure, no requirements, I don't have to dot any i's or cross any t's. I simply just have think and write. I chose to be a part-time student and I chose the courses. I even enjoy the learning process. Yet it's thinking within certain parameters and that can sometimes be bloody hard work. But I suppose that's the point - no pain, no gain (exercise analogy reminds me something else that I should be doing today). Sometimes you have stride forward, even when you haven't the energy and quite possibly ecspecially then - because when you do, when you take affirmative action, the results are all the more fantastic. On that positive note, I'm logging off to write some Uni notes and then I'm going to spend 40 minutes or so getting down and dirty on an exercise mat. Wish me luck. xx

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