Tuesday, 24 December 2019


I was thinking how difficult it can be to be conscientious. How we might  struggle to complete each task to the best of our ability. How, as parents, we might find it impossible at times to be balanced, fair or the bigger person.

No one knows what each person goes through on a daily basis. Some of us might struggle to get out of bed. Not because we are lazy but because just existing is a challenge. We might be under intense pressure at work. We might work a 60 hour week. We might interact with emotionally draining people or perhaps our work is a matter of life and death. We might be struggling to make ends meet. Our financial distress might be significant. Perhaps the possibility not paying the bills or affording food or losing our home is very real fear.

Each person is a rich tapestry of their own experiences. The colours may be bright and luxurious or they might be threadbare and faded. Life is mere lottery. So use empathy as much as possible and be kind.


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