Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I was just reading the cards you've given me since we met and two things occur to me. I've never met anyone as romantic as you. In 27 years of dating, you are more romantic than all those from my history, and no, they weren't all gimps! Since you and in fact because of you, I've begun writing cards for the gesture of it. I stopped buying cards years ago. My statement was one of eco ethics but I took it too far.  I made exceptions when my daughter was born and made some more when I realised that you couldn't go to a child's birthday party armed only with a present. Yet cards just for sentiment is something you have given to me. In a sense you have returned what I lost. I love words and I believe in sharing the echoes of your feelings through them. Receiving a card or a letter is rather magical and where magic is found, it must be explored.

I thank you SS for your beautiful words: in haiku, in conversation, in message, in chemistry, in poem and in card.

With love,



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