Monday, 8 May 2017

Ceilidh Rave

Discussions at work today culminated in a Ceilidh Rave Fusion. Well, my thoughts landed on the idea, we didn't actually have a Ceilidh Rave, mores the pity.  This bizarre concept probably suggests a couple of things: our in-work conversations are strange, my thought processes are even stranger. Yet is the fusion so utterly out there?

I've danced until my toes ache at a Rave, I've experienced similar foot throb at a Ceilidh. Both events have ended in a near-daylight, stumbling, debauched exit. Similarly, following both, my eyes blinked at the small hours, whilst my ears cowered​ at unexpected bird song. Yes, chemicals have played their part, as you might expect.  In fact, toxin fueled dancing is the hardest you will ever endure. And god damn it, you sweat BIG. The Ceilidh, of course, is more formalstyle than freestyle but no less bouncy for it. Finally, both Ceilidhs and Raves may be enjoyed in large buildings, which ideally, are hidden away from those who would complain about the noise pollution. The Rave and the Ceilidh: a match made in heddonistic heaven, no?

Yes. I can foresee a Ceilidh Rave. If a DJ can mix Mozart with the Sugarbabes, it should prove mere childs-play to mix a Sasha tune with some crazy Ceilidh fiddling.

A gentle Google search for Ceilidh Raves proved to be fruitless. I did stumble across a Disco Ceilidh but I'm unsure on what this entails. C E I L I D H doesn't really roll off​ the tongue like D I S C O (, nevertheless it could work beautifully if we avoid false acronyms in song lyrics.

The Ceilidh Rave: let's do this!

Only for the hardcore UK Ceilidhers!

Yours, as ever,

The RGF xxx

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