Sunday, 16 October 2016

Shopping for love?

In many respects, dating sites are rather like shopping for a partner. We browse the virtual aisles. We consider the 'items’ on display. In short, we make a decision about compatibility based on information which reduces humans to mere merchandise.  

Moreover, the people, based on the information provided, may be:

  • Exciting yet likely to cause long term health problems
  • Long life, reliable product but will soon generate extreme boredom
  • Shiny, pretty packaging with limited contents
  • Seemingly sweet with hidden toxic elements
  • Batteries not included
  • Everything you'd look for in product but it's currently unavailable
  • Will break down as soon as you take the product home
  • Bogof
  • Product actually belongs to someone else
  • Misleading product information
  • Counterfeit product
  • Does not do what it says on the tin
  • Unclear what the product is or what it's for
  • This product is out if your price range
  • Product compatibility issues
  • Product information is illegible
  • Product is likely to cause offense
  • Only available on short term loan basis
  • Absolute bargain. Perfection. The one.

The process of searching on a dating site is soulless one. We are all more than a dating profile. Not everyone is wonderfully photogenic or knows how to use filters. Some people may be amazing in real life but terrible on paper. Yet how else do we meet the people that might enhance our lives romantically? Where else might they be?


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