Monday, 14 March 2016

Unexpected mocha

An unexpected, use-an-hour, visit to the new Starbucks in Crewe, will now will be known as Bigbucks because I was conned into buying a Peruvian regular mocha for 3 quid. 3 quid!

The Barrista asked if I wanted Peruvian. I, caught off guard, not really listening, one eye on a hyperactive 4 year old, said yes. Whatamistakertomaker. Premium coffee is probably lost on a mocha, containing as it does, 50% hot chocolate. Regardless, I do not want to spend 3 quid on a drink that doesn't contain alcohol.

Bigbucks: if you want to charge 3 quid for a regular sized coffee chocolate mix, you better make sure that the various beans are gathered by angels clad in gold. The outcome of drinking said mocha generates the Midas touch, a streamlined body and calorie free cream cakes.

Yours Sincerely,

The RGF 

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