Thursday, 26 November 2015

Help is needed now!

There are many people working hard to help refugees. There are countless volunteers, people donating and fund raisers working to do all they can.

Right now there are 250 people, including children stuck in Farmakosini. They have been without help for days. Help should have now arrived but they need more food, water and warmth until they can get into Leros. Help was on its way by boat. How much faster could it have arrived by air?

There are refugees, including children, stuck on the border here. Desperate for help. 

More could be done by those without access to private planes and vast sums of money. Yet much of the work to help refugees is being done by ordinary people, of ordinary means. 

If a group of well known, infuencial, affluent people donated a fraction of their resources. If they signed petitions and encouraged others to sign and share. If this happened lives would be saved. Moreover, if it perpetuated then many lives would be saved.

I'm calling on those with influence to support refugees. Im asking those with means to help make a big difference.

Large charities do great work but many smaller groups are working hard on the ground to give refugees, victims of circumstance a chance. These groups need influential help.

Please help groups like these to help refugees.

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