Friday, 28 March 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch: Tweet on Twitter

Dear Mr Cumberbatch,

It has been sadly noted that you are not on Twitter.  Granted, there are many fabulous Tweeters, tweeting in the name of but we, the people, remain without the tweeted words of the man himself.

Of course, you do not need to tweet to raise your profile.  If your profile was raised any higher, it would have a birds-eye view of the furtherest reaches of galaxies, light-years away from this one.  So, if not for self-promotion, why tweet?  Tweet because your fans wish to hear your words.  You can actually squish quite a bit of wisdom into a micro-blog.  That said, we, your fans, would be rather impressed to read that you were currently enjoying a nice cup of tea or about to go grocery shopping.  We'd like to virtually share in your tea sipping or household goods buying experiences.  Of course, if you wanted to woo us with philosophy, encourage us to notice a particular cause or hint at future Sherlock plots, we'd be happy to share in those too.

Essentially, I know I speak for all Sherlockians, Trekkies, LOTR geeks and Cumberbitches, when I say, you really should get on Twitter.  Share your words.

You can tweet on the move (probably best to avoid plane tweeting though).  You can tweet in between takes.  You can tweet in the bath (just don't drop your phone or tablet). You can tweet whilst reading a good book.  Basically you can tweet pretty much anywhere and during most activities. Most importantly you can tweet about anything!

So, we appeal to you, Mr Cumberbatch, join the micro-blogging world of Twitter.  You know it makes sense - cushty.


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