Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Loved before: song books and music instruction

We, that is, my husband and I, have lots of song and music instruction books for sale.  These are items we already own but no longer have space for.  The music instruction books include harmonica, drums, saxophone, guitar, keyboard and clarinet.  The song books include The Cranberries, The Beatles, The Carpenters and Paul Weller.

Now Xmas is fast approaching. I panicked when I realised just how close the big day actually is. Fortunately, my husband and I have decided not buy each other presents this year.  Baa humbug and boo hoo but if you plan to buy your other half a gift and they like music - perhaps music instruction or a song book could be a handy gift.  I find that men are soooo hard to buy for so a few strategic musical purchases could save you lots of time and trouble.  That said, there are many ladies that would get lots of enjoyment from The Songs of the Carpenters or learning to play slap bass.

We also have music videos, CD's, sound equipment, blank demo CD cases and other musical goodies. Some of the items we are selling have absolutely nothing to do with music such as vintage stockings, baby clothes, a gorgeous wedding dress - the list goes on and on.  All items are preloved. All are interesting and definitely worth a peruse.  

So for an Xmas present inspiration or maybe just because - do check out our Ebay shops:



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