Saturday, 7 December 2013

Grimes Genesis

I've recently been listening to Grimes.  Discovered totally by chance on You Tube. Upshot is that I like it.  In fact, I like much.

The track, Genesis, interests me.  For about five watches and listens - I thought what on earth is she saying.  I now think that I've worked it out.  Although the lyrics don't tell an obvious story.  I suspect that the song and video are making comment on female stereotypes and their (imagined, sociological and patriarchal) link to sex.  There is a fair amount of sexual metaphors and phallic symbol bouncing around the video - a large albino snake, swords, women bouncing up and down in a hip hop style, large bulbous weapons being swung around heads, scantily clad ladies, virginal outfits and so on.  It's all in there.  Snapshots of the lyrics suggest that Grimes is saying 'I am what you want' (or rather I, as this array of imagined versions of me, is what you want).

Of course, I could be talking nonsensical twoddle.  The song could be about cats. Only Grimes knows for sure.

One of the women in the video looks like Katy Price aka Jordan but on a bigger make-up than usual, gothed up day. This fact need not put you off.

Grimes' sound is mostly experimental - it points to ambient house and folk.  It feels odd.  Odd in a beautiful way. It is also rather spiritual.  It feels like there a lots of fairies racing about with dirty flowers in their hands and hair.

Anyway, Grimes in general, and Genesis, in particular, is certainly worth an open-minded listen.

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