Sunday, 10 November 2013

Stamp down on the big boys

I find it immensely annoying that big business gets bigger and the little people, get pushed further and further into struggle.  The politicians, the multinationals, the organisations with their over-sized fingers in too many pies seem to dominate the world yet hunger, poverty, poverty-led disease continues.  I think, in these times, we should not experience extreme poverty.  Yes, unless we transcend to some kind of impossible Utopian world, where all are truly equal, there will always be richer and poorer but the gulf, the gap needs to lessen significantly.  The juxtaposition of the shanty town bordering the high-rise uber rich apartment block that can be seen in many countries across the globe underlines the extremity of extreme rich and extreme poor.  In the UK, we see similar juxtapositions but the gulf is smaller than those that may be seen in Rio de janeiro, for example.

I feel, as a global society, we must do more to narrow the gap between rich and poor.  These things can only be achieved by collective action.  Organisations like Amnesty International, Oxfam, Save the children, WWF, FOE and others serve global society to reduce the severity of poverty.  They work to promote the welfare of people, animals and the physical environment.  I am going to share the work of these organisations and take steps, albeit tiny, individual steps, to change the world.  Tiny steps, en-mass, make a big, positive, world-changing footprints.  Society is not static, it evolves,  Many things contribute to societal evolution.  But most of all, we, the people, make society what it is.  We can change the world.

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