Wednesday, 6 October 2010


We are selling a Korg Digital 8 track. It's rather nice, if you like and need that sort of thing. To me, it's just a black box with buttons but to Mark it has been vital piece of music recording and mixing equipment. He does his recording via the PC now but he has loved his Digital 8 track. In fact he is reluctant to wave bye bye to it but needs must. The needs are mostly financial but also space saving. Ideally, Mark would love to fill the house with guitars, keyboards, recording equipment and amps but fortunately he can't afford to. Otherwise we have amps instead of seats and guitars instead of wall art. Musical but not very pretty or practical.

Back to point, if you would like a Korg Digital 8 track, at, what I'm reliably told is a very reasonable price, then check out our ad on Gumtree or get in touch for more details. We are selling it along with its little instruction booklet for a tiny £150 or nearest offer.

Oh yes and it will soon be auctioned / sold via Ebay so get in there first.

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