Monday, 28 June 2010

Post-sex indifference syndrome

Does your man suffer from Post-sex indifference syndrome? The well-known period just after orgasm where the male of the species has the urge to:

Wander off
Use his computer
Ignore you
Fall asleep

If you suffer the effects of I-have-come-therefore-you-are-no-longer-very-interesting then take action now!

Try the following:

Wander off and do something straight after sex before he has the energy to get up
Clasp him in a over-powering embrace until Post-sex indifference syndrome turns into Pre-sex excitement (this could take a while, depending on the male in question)
Take your bi-curious tendencies and make them more gay than straight (women do not suffer from Post-sex indifference syndrome)
Become celibate
Avoid love and focus on casual no strings entanglements
Accept that most men don't really want to cuddle and chat after sex so get your cuddling and chatting in beforehand.

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. I don't know what this post sex indifference thing you speak of is.... no, haven't experienced that.

  2. I thought all men did it. Like retract a bit after sex.


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