Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Get wise, use a bucket!

Saving water is a key method to preserve the environment, it's also vital to save money on your water bill if you have a water meter. One way to do this is to flush the toilet using waste water collected in a bucket. This can be rain water, left of water after washing dishes and any other method of gathering water that would otherwise go down the drain. According to Waterwise toilet flushing uses a massive 30% of total water in a household. Even modern toilets on half or reduced flush uses 4 litres of water in flush. Full flush uses 6 litres. Old style toilets use 13 litres of water per flush!

You can buy cistern displacement devices (go to Waterwise for more on this) but really why bother, just use a bucket full of waste water to flush. You also don't really need to flush every time you go for a wee (sorry for mentioning toilet-use words) but obviously you really do need to flush if any other toilet activity occurs (inc when ladies wee at that special time of the month, red water isnt nice to see). During these time flush-vital times, use a bucket to flush your loo, it works well.

If visitors come round, you can save the automatic flushes for them!

Save water, save the environment, save on your water bill.

The video below shows me, a bucket and some manual flushing of our loo. Mark is the man operating the camera phone. We do have fun in our house. :-)

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