Saturday, 2 May 2020

Small joys

I was contemplating the things that bring me joy. Just the little things in life. Here's some of them:

  • The smell of ginger
  • Drinking green tea 
  • Chocolate - the smell, the taste. Shame about the calories
  • How I feel after a cold shower. Definitely not during. That part is rubbish. 
  • Pulling the brush out of my concealer. It makes a really comforting noise. 
  • The feeling I get from music
  • Candles - they change the mood of a room
  • Following an impromptu karaoke session at home yesterday due to working out how to use my daughter's microphone properly - I remembered how much I love singing. It was tremendous fun. Of course I singalong-a-spotify as much as the next person. Singing without a mic is great but with one, it's next-level joy. 
  • Drinking from my pentagram mug. It's a little bit of magic every time
  • Reading Pratchett. Reading generally. Whenever I have hiatuses because I think I haven't got time to read, I miss it. I'm less at peace without a book
  • This blog ♥️
  • Dancing around. 

All these things are free or inexpensive and they all create joy. 

The RGF xx 

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