Friday, 6 March 2020


My parents and I were discussing my daughter's unfortunate ability to select boyfriends who aren't really as keen as she is. The ambivalent. The vague. The would be player. Even though they're only age 8. My parents joked about the parallels. I exclamation that "I never had a boyfriend at age 8". My mum commented how distressed I was when a certain lad moved away. "Michael Horton" I asked? "That's him", she said. I replied, "mum, he wasn't my boyfriend. "He was just a friend".

I know this because at that time I had a crush on a boy called Rupert. Rupert had red curly hair and wore bottle green jumpers. I kissed his back once. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I can't remember if he noticed but I do know that he had no interest in me whatsoever. Whereas reliable, sweet Micheal Horton was a faithful friend. But he didn't have interesting hair. Or whatever my 8 year old self deemed as extreme magnetism.

I wonder, do I still choose the slightly unobtainable? Is that what attractive means to me? Will my daughter do that too?

The RGF xx

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