Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Rule breaker

There is a woman waiting for the bus, much like I am. I say much because she's breaking unwritten rules. We, the would be passengers always look towards the bus. We await it's approach by staring determinedly. As if this would speed up its appearance. If we chat, our gaze is still on the arrival of the bus. We may glance down, text, Facebook, get vaguely lost in Pinterest but the focus never really deviates. The woman keeps glancing in the opposite direction. The direction I happen to be standing in. This is a tad unsettling. Do I have food on my face? Skirt tucked in my knickers? Mirror checking and shirt smoothing suggests not. Thus I have taken defensive action, I have applied my earphones. Earphones are a well recognised symbol of Don't talk to me because I am not a maker of small talk. Yet, as a breaker of social conventions, she'll probably say hello anyway. Ugh.


The Antisocial RGF


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