Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The way

I like the way you don't wear aftershave. Yet I remember feeling disappointed at first. Now I'd rather just sense you than any commercial aroma highs. I love the tiny hole at the back of your black jeans and the way your bag is never closed.

Though it puzzled me at first, I now find the exclamation mark you leave at the end of every sentence endearing. How every person that matters to you, is spoken of with such enthusiasm. The way you say you're tiredy and ‘maybe you should’ because you don't want to tell me what to do. That wine is beer and actual beer is irrelevant.

The giggle you do when you look away. Your smile that gives me butterflies. Your tone of voice and emphatic arm waving, when you're strongly making a point. The way you never really shout or get cross.

It might be a million things. I certainly couldn't list them all. I'm adding all the time. It is your minute detail that impresses me. Never stop describing yourself and I'll never stop listening.

The RGF xx

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