Wednesday, 1 February 2017


In online dating: To ghost is to cease interactions without explanation. The ghoster simply decides to ignore the person they're interacting with. Prior to ghosting, communication may have taken place over many days or weeks.

Ghosting is, in my opinion, representative of the lack of consideration rife in modernity. Offering an explanation requires effort and who has the time to consider someone else in the hectic flow of everyday life? And does it really matter? After all, the only person that ever had any relevance in the interaction was the ghoster. Wrong. Dead wrong. Everyone matters.

Only the hardest of hearts would neglect to have an emotional response to ghosting. Very few people are completely bereft of emotions. Most of us have some degree of self-doubt and suffer moderate to more extreme self-esteem fluctuations. Therefore, with this in mind, consider others. If you've had a change of mind about someone - tell the would be ghostee. Save their feelings and say goodbye. Do it because it's the decent thing to do. 

I've been ghosted on numerous occasions. I can report that to be ghosted, is varying degrees of unpleasant. The resulting emotional response reflects the length and level of communication prior to ghostyness.

In short, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Also, remember that karma's a bitch. At some point the ghoster will become the ghostee and when they do, it will sting like a hyperactive wasp lost in a world of amphetamines and Gabba. 

People of the dating world, and people in general - don't be a dick. It's easier than you think.


The RGF xxx

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