Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Self Google

I'm a self-encyclopaedia. The Google of the self. I'm so in touch with the inner me, I have the full range of Hazel elements on speed dial. Given this teeming mass of self-knowledge, why do I descend into babbling brook of ridiculousness when I'm heavily attracted to someone. Why, when presented with someone I really like, do I switch into idiot mode.

When in lust, every thought that pops into my head, leaves my mouth in a lengthy ramble. Granted, the rambles are mixed with moments of comedy because you know, I'm highly amusing and sometimes it's intentional. But there are numerous times when I forget the basic principles of sentence construction. Or how to form actual coherent words. These things are maddening yet seemingly unavoidable.

Therefore, if you happen to be on the receiving end of a hefty number of my random tangents, mixed with a very frequent blush face then you're very fortunate because it means you're ticking every single one of my dating boxes. Moreover, my self-knowledge hasn't actually left the building, it's just on hiatus.


The RGF xxx

PS. Yes, this blog is describing a current situation. ;-)

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