Monday, 7 September 2015

Music, prayer and good vibrations

My playlist this evening focuses on ambient, electronica and female.  Right now I'm enjoying Grimes.  Earlier I was listening to Alpine followed by Goldfrapp. 

I feel very connected with who I am.  I feel very connected with my female self.  I certainly feel like music lifts my soul and I believe it lifts the soul of the planet.  I'm actually vibrating on a positive frequency.  I say this without even the slightest hint of jest. 

I am painfully aware of all the sadness in the world.  I shall do all I can physically alter it.  I shall also do all I can to think the planet happy.  Some call this the act of prayer.  I call it sending positive vibes.  . 

With love

The Renegade Glitter Fairy

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