Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Somewhat troubling

It is somewhat troubling, when you finally summon up the energy to juggle a manic toddler and simultaneously put some make-up on, dress up a tad, wear your newly dyed hair down and floaty yet not one person notices anything different about you.  

I did glam up for me but none-the-less, it would have been quite lovely if just one person had spotted that I didn’t look hedge-backwards for once.  Unless, of course, I still looked hedge-backwards - with make-up on, hair down and wearing slightly nicer clothes than usual.  Ye gods, please say it aint so. 

I’m certainly not the first mother to single-handedly wrestle a toddler with one hand whilst applying mascara with the other and I won’t be the last.  I might be the first mother to have done so in the baby change area of my local supermarket.  I assume that some toddlers don’t try to climb in nappy change bins, insert their fingers into mucky plug holes and generally create all manner of mayhem in public rest rooms but I may be wrong. 

My daughter still managed to get tomato pasta on my leggings, despite, what I deemed to be, gallant attempts to continually bat the orange fingers away, anytime the little orange fingers neared my clothes.  Sometimes I feel like a goalkeeper –instead of watching for a ball, I’m watching for sticky fingers approaching about as fast as premiership-sped football.  As far as my toddler is concerned, I am a giant baby wipe.  The cleaner and more lovely my clothes are, the more likely she is to wipe her body parts on me.
Although no one noticed my small steps towards moderate glamour, I still count my attempt as a tremendous achievement.  I certainly felt less scruffy than usual today and if appearance is reflected by a mindset then fookin’ yay me. 


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