Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cushions, handbags and busy bees

Have a little read of my wedding blog - http://leese-dixon-eco.blogspot.com.

These days I have very little time to write on here and it will prob get even less when I am in the swing of my final year at Uni and erm finalising wedding plans. I am now wondering why I am finishing at Uni in the same year that I am getting married? Am I mad? Must be. I am also searching for a new job, ideally within the writing field. At the same time, Mark and I are still trying to push Solar Chi Designs. He is also searching for a job. Hectic times.

Mark is due back at court in February for (what we hope will be) the final stages of his Contact Order for his son Reuben. We hope to have him every other weekend at our home. He represents himself at court to save money. Solicitors are massively expensive without Legal Aid. I think he is very brave. I try to help as much as I can but at court, it is all him.

Love, peace and pansies.


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