Monday, 6 September 2010
The Korg D8 Digital Recording Studio is an eight-track recording, editing and mixing system in a single compact (15.2" W x 9.8"D x 3.3"H), portable (5.7 lbs.) unit. The D8 provides fully digital, uncompressed processing (24-bit internal, 16-bit recording and playback @ 44.1 kHz) onto eight tracks (2-tracks simultaneous recording, 8-tracks simultaneous playback) and includes a built-in 1.4GB hard disk with SCSI interface.

The integral 12-channel, 4-bus digital mixer section has functions such as Auto Punch-In and Auto-Save to facilitate recording and editing. Fader, EQ and Pan settings can be memorized as "scenes" with up to 20 scenes remembered for each song. Audio Trigger Record enables the D8 to begin recording automatically in response to an input signal. The D8's Scrub function makes it possible to listen to the recorded data on each track and accurately find the beginning of a phrase. The D8 provides the musician with a selection of 65 preset digital effect programs featuring 50 different types of effects. The entire recording and mixdown process can be performed on the D8 with effects applied to any source at mix time and/or during the recording process.

Sound sources such as mics, synth line sources and guitars can be connected directly with optical, 1/4-inch phone jacks. The SCSI port, S/PDIF, AUX IN jacks are all standard. The SCSI port can be used to connect up to seven drives such as hard disks for recording, playback or backup. The S/PDIF connector enables digital recording from an external digital audio device such as a CD or DAT player. Users can create a tempo map to synchronize recording to an external song loaded in from another recording or Compact Disc. The D8 sends MIDI clock synchronization data, can send and receive MTC and responds to MMC messages from compatible drum machines and sequencers

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