Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Finding money

Sometimes a lack of cash-flow means you'll try to increase your wealth even in the smallest of ways. My empty purse and diminishing funds has lead me to scan the streets for lost or discarded money. It's surprising how often people will throw away small change and even more surprising how picking small change up really adds up to an increase in wealth. Since I've been scouring the pavements for money, I have found in excess of £2. You're thinking, that's not worthwhile, £2 is nothing. Yet it is worth it. I only started looking about 4 weeks ago so I think £2 is pretty impressive. Based on my rate of finding, it would be possible to find £26 in a year! Now surely that's an effort worth making.

My fiancee has been carrying out this activity for much longer than me but if his rate was the same as mine, then that's £52 per year. A pound for every week of the year!

Oh and it's surprising how searching for money makes you appreciate every single penny.

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